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Fabryka Pełna Życia Spółka z o.o.

At the end of 2015 the Dąbrowa Górnicza Municipality took over nearly 4 hectares of attractively located land from the State Treasury. Since then, the aim of the city is to create an open public space that will become a new city centre. The “the Living Factory – revitalisation of the centre of Dąbrowa Górnicza” project, co-financed from the European Union funds as a part of the Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2014-2020, gave the green light for action. The implementation of a nationwide innovative revitalisation process, based on broad public participation, has changed the perception of the scale and scope of changes that need  to be made in Dąbrowa Górnicza in order to prepare the city for the challenges of the future.

Fabryka Pełna Życia company was founded in December 2019 for the purpose of performing the own task of Dąbrowa Górnicza Municipality, important for the development of the city and for the quality of life of the local community. The Company’s task is, through appropriately composed revitalisation activities, to get degraded areas out of crisis and give them new, city-forming and centre-forming functions. The Company conducts these activities in a comprehensive manner, integrating economic, spatial, construction, infrastructural and social processes.

Functions of the Company:

  • coordination of matters related to social and economic aspects of revitalisation,
  • investor’s responsibilities during the execution of investment programme,
  • management related to assets entrusted to it by the municipality,
  • promotion through conducting so-called soft revitalisation projects.


Some of the Company activities:

  • management of municipal assets assigned to the Company for revitalisation purposes,
  • preparation and execution of investment programme at the area of the Living Factory,
  • seeking investors and external (non-public) sources of financing the operations,
  • rental and management of real estate constituting the company assets,
  • management of urban and social revitalisation process of the city area,
  • support for business development in revitalised areas,
  • identification of crisis situations and their reasons in the city area,
  • cooperation with the groups of revitalisation stakeholders, undertaking activities aimed at increasing public participation in revitalisation processes, supporting non-governmental organisations,
  • co-participation in preparing the documents concerning the development of Dąbrowa Górnicza Municipality, cooperation with the revitalisation team, cooperation with departments of the City Hall and municipal organisational units in the planning and implementation of revitalisation projects,
  • organisation of fairs, exhibits, conferences and events related t culture, entertainment and recreation,
  • promotional and educational activities related to revitalisation,
  • monitoring and evaluation of effects of the revitalisation programme.

Major challenges for the Company:

  • implementation of the Living Factory project leading to a qualitative change of Dąbrowa Górnicza, which will become the eastern gateway of the Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis of distinct regional identity (Heart of the Dąbrowskie Zagłębie), a fashionable, modern, economically attractive city with high quality of life,
  • creating an iconic space, the so-called Heart of the Dąbrowskie Zagłębie, interconnected in terms of transportation and functionality with Dąbrowa Górnicza, the neighbouring cities and Katowice – the capital of the Silesian Province,
  • creating a place where city-forming and centre-forming commercial and public functions will be carried out in harmony,
  • forming a supra-local centre that spreads new ideas and solutions to inspire innovation and creativity in its immediate and remote surroundings; giving the Living Factory the features of a laboratory of the future which implements solutions becoming then the nucleus of new industries and social activities,
  • creating the space of identity for Dąbrowa Górnicza residents as well as a friendly and attractive meeting spot,
  • enhancing the attractiveness of Dąbrowa Górnicza for entities in the surrounding area, in particular companies offering high quality services to residents and business sector.

Design challenges

  • basing design solutions on integrating cultural heritage with innovation,
  • giving the project the characteristics of sustainable development related to energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions,
  • introducing varied forms of greenery into the space of Fabryka Pełnej Życia and the presence of water installations that improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of the place,
  • constant search for additional sources of project financing and efficient assembly of funds, expanding the implementation possibilities and increasing the efficiency of using public funds.


The company’s management

Wojciech Czyżewski – President of the company’s management


The Supervisory Board of the Company:

  • Zbigniew Błaszczyk
  • Monika Bryl
  • Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik

Fabryka Pełna Życia to:

new workplaces
service space
office space
residential space

green marketplace

17 green roof terraces

restaurants, coffeehouses, bars

office and service buildings

residential buildings

viewpoint tower

green city courts

multimedia conference, fair and exhibition hall

city bike rental

electric bike rental

car charging stations

bike parking spaces

historical theme routes

full accessibility for people with disabilities

green playgrounds

water green areas, vertical gardens

The urban theses presented in Gorzów Wielkopolski on 19 September 2015 and developed by the Congress of Urban Movements, which we support and which we follow in our actions, include:

  • right to use the city resources and right to co-decide about the most important matters of the city and its residents,
  • permanent participation of residents in a real decision-taking process related to the city, based on civil education,
  • sustainable development requiring environment protection, in particular, natural environment,
  • spatial order which determines the efficient functioning of the city,
  • revitalisation of degraded and historical urban areas,
  • making culture values accessible to all residents.

The Living Factory

Read the history of the Living Factory, numerous important events have occurred since 2015 which we would like you to know, and thus, to learn even more amazing history of the project, which is still being created before our very eyes.